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Our research focuses on enzymes and achieving a chemical understanding of their functions.
Our main research methods are as follows.

  1. Construction of a system for enzyme expression (we use E. coli to make enzymes)
  2. Establishing an enzyme purification method (mainly using ion exchange and gel filtration columns)
  3. Establishing an enzyme activity measurement method (mainly using spectrophotometry)
  4. Enzyme crystallization and x-ray crystal structure analysis (Enzyme crystals are very beautiful! The feeling you get when you figure out an enzyme's structure is amazing!)

The goal of our research is to make contributions to medical care and the environment. Our laboratory is suited for students who are interested in medicine or biology (but we do not use cells or animals).
If you are interested in our research, please visit our blog about our research at the Yamaguchi Laboratory.


(1) Enzymes conferring β-lactams resistance

(2)Enzymes conferring aminoglycosides resistance

(3)Enzymes involved in multidrug resistance

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